About Us

CTGo aims to provide a digital solution that will reinvent the way you do site inspections. We understand the pain of carrying out site inspections in various working environments; construction, manufacturing, oil & gas and many other service-oriented industries. Our mission is to transform the way inspection data is collected, stored and reported.

Our goal is to move away from the traditional pen-and-paper method by digitizing the whole site inspection process. We aim to eliminate the effort and time wasted in manual document submissions and reduce the risks of missing or tampered records.

In today's fast-paced, challenging & competitive industries every work performed in industries such as Construction and Oil & Gas will require an inspection and verification by people from multi-organisation (Client, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Vendors) and multi-disciplinary (Engineering, Quality Control, Health & Safety etc) work environment.

CTGo app is able to handle complex reporting workflow requirement, all digitally, so that, your team spends time doing what matters and we take care of the "paperwork".

Data processing and storage & retrieval is the next challenge that follows. All your site inspection data will be stored in a secure Cloud-based database, giving you access to the information at your fingertips - anywhere & anytime. No more rows of filing cabinets & cost of offsite document storage. You can print only what you need, hence saving the environment

Stay tuned for the launch of our app in January 2019 on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



Smart Forms

Fill only what's necessary. Our forms adapt to your responses.

Time Stamping

Date and time are captured accurately when inspections are carried out.

GPS tracking

Add and identify the exact location of your inspections.

Capture Photo

Take photo using your mobile phone or tablet and attach images to your inspection.

PDF Report

Beautiful and professional report with a press of a button.

Data Analytics

Recognise trends, take action and improve operations.

Cloud Solution

Data are stored in a secure cloud where you can access it on anywhere, anytime and on any devices


Notifications and Reminder emails will be sent for inspection, review and approval


We know your data is precious and confidential. So, we maintain your data in a highly secure server with internationally recognized data security standards.


Sending to internal supervisors/manager or other stakeholders?We've got it all covered and we make sure everyone is on the same page.

Offline Capabilities

No coverage/WIFI? No worries, data can be stored locally before being pushed to the Cloud when internet connection is available.

Digital Signature

Further ensuring that only you are responsible for the data collection, review or approval.

Use Cases

Our solutions can be used throughout various industries and key operational areas
  1. Construction - Work Inspection Report (WIR), Inspection Report Checklist/Form, Non-Compliance Records (NCR)
  2. Oil & Gas - Inspection Test Records (ITR), Commissioning Checklist, Maintenance Checklist.
  3. Health, Safety & Environment - Permit-to-Work, Workplace Safety Inspection, Construction Safety Inspection, Unsafe Act, Unsafe Condition Reporting.
  4. Quality - Quality inspection in manufacturing, construction, franchised based industry and many more
  5. Audit - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP audits and many more.

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Tel : 03 – 5614 9603

Email : hello@checktickgo.com

If you have an inquiry regarding our product or do you have a Checklist or Forms that needs to be digitized? We’ll do it for you for FREE. Drop us an a message using the contact form and we will immediately get it working for you.